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Earrings and Tikka

We at Mangalmani Jewellers provide you with the make-to-order option to have the imitation jewellery you desire without any hassles just the way you want it. Order the latest collection of Fashion Jewellery Online & Artificial Jewellery Online from the Leading Imitation Jewellery Manufacturer in India. This is the biggest advantage of the make-to-order facility that by getting inputs from you about the product specification we deliver much better. Our make-to-order is simply just breath-taking. From bangles, earrings, tikka, bridal, and semi bridal sets, and many more stunning pieces of imitation jewellery to add that spark to your beauty.

Following are the Collection of Artificial Earrings and Tikka Online available for Make To Order Service from us:

Earring and Tikka

Earrings are the all-time favourite jewellery for all women. It is a type of imitation jewellery that can be perfectly paired with any attire be it traditional or western. You can never go wrong with earrings. Almost every woman wears some kind of earrings daily. Great earrings alone can make even a plain outfit look amazing. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation earring manufacturers in India have all styles of earrings from Jhumki, Mint Meena earrings, Polki Earrings, Wedding Earrings, and Studs. Earrings are available in different shapes and sizes. Their vibrant colours and design with great jewels make them a must-have for your jewellery collection.

Tikka is a very attractive piece of head jewellery; it is traditionally called the Maang Tikka. It is placed onto the forehead that is attached to a chain and pinned into the hair. A tikka symbolizes the third eye or the power of the soul as per Hindu mythology since it is placed at the sixth chakra of the forehead. Tikka goes well with traditional attires. It is something that's in trend. A tikka can be paired with a classic pair of earrings or jhumki and you are good to go. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation maang tikka manufacturers in India have the best collection of artificial maang tikka.

Polki Earring and Tikka

Polki Earring and Tikka have Gold/Mehandi/Rhodium plating and AD Stones on them which makes the Earring and Tikka look more fascinating and impressive which is every women's dream to have one set of it. Polki Earring and Tikka add luxuriance and classiness to your ethnic appearance by wearing this over-powered brass-made Polki Earring and Tikka set decorated with Reverse AD work. The design of Polki Earring and Tikka is unique and it is noteworthy. You can choose it wearing in traditional events and also at weddings and engagements. We the leading imitation earrings and tikka manufacturer in India have a wide variety of earrings and tikkas.

Stud and Tikka

Stud and Tikka have Gold/Mehandi/Rhodium and Ad Stone on them which makes the Stud and Tikka more glamorous and gorgeous. Stud and Tikka add lavishness to your look by wearing this miraculous alloy-made Stud and Tikka which is decorated with Traditional work. The design of Stud and Tikka is exclusively available on one of the best imitation earrings and tikka manufacturers in India. You can wear this kind of jewellery at traditional or cultural events or festivals.