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20 Sep Why Imitation Jewelry Is Beneficial For You
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With the increasing inflation rate, robbery and theft cases are also heightening! Well, in many circumstances purchasing gold or diamonds are a matter of concern & reevaluation. On the other hand, if you are a fashionista, wearing suitable jewellery ..
15 Sep Why Artificial Jewellery Is Best Than Real Jewellery
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The question of choosing the best between authentic Jewellery & Artificial Jewellery has always been perplexing! Indian jewellery wholesale has various options, and such intricate artistry designs make you the talk of the town. With Artificial jewell..
26 Aug 7 Design for Kundan jewellery bridal to complete your royal look
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The traditional Kundan jewellery bridal has been a rich part of our Indian legacy for 2500 years. With its intricate details of gold & core of wax, it makes you stand out from the crowd. Kundans are made of purely refined gold with a mass of 24k pure..
22 Aug The Craze of wearing Imitation bangles in Indian culture
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Hindu mythology states that women wearing imitation bangles are "Complete & Saubhagya." Wearing 'kanaganas' is seen as an essential part of various events in India among men, women, and even toddlers.  Imitation jewellery gained colossal popularity, ..
19 Aug Why artificial jewellery in India is getting famous day by day
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The craze for fashion or artificial jewellery in India has given birth to numerous Indian jewellery suppliers and Pakistani jewellery wholesale dealers. For various reasons, the sudden shift from traditional gold jewellery to imitation jewellery has ..
29 Jul 9 Best Indian Jhumkas every woman must have in their collection
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From the era of the royal emperor to date, the spark of Indian Jhumkas among women has only heightened! Choose from the variety of shapes & sizes of Indian Jhumkas, ranging from church bells to conical and circular shapes. This piece of classical ear..
18 Jul 4 Possible ways to match Kundan Necklaces to your outfit
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Every next bride is seen wearing the Kundan Necklaces. Well, why not? Ain't they eye-pleasing and a perfect symbol of royalty. Kundan jewellery bridal not only enhances your entire aura but indeed makes you talk of the town. The sophisticated & rich ..
11 Jul Top 10 Trends of Artificial jewellery in India you should consider
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Artificial jewellery in India has stolen the hearts of numerous women who solely depend on it for their big occasions. Filling your jewellery box with diamonds, gold, and silver jewellery for every occasion is practically not affordable for every wom..
25 Jun One of the best wholesalers of Pakistani artificial jewellery
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Have you ever heard about Pakistani artificial jewellery, or are you new to this concept? Are your eyes searching for artificial jewellery that can be the best replica of gold ornaments? It gets infeasible when it comes to your bank balance to purcha..
14 Jun 10 Best Types of Kundan Jewellery Sets
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Kundan jewellery bridal sets reside at the heart of every Indian woman, especially from the northern area.  The artificial jewellery in India, like Kundan necklaces, goes exceptionally well with the ethnic outfits & hence it is the number 1 ornament ..
08 Jun 6 Ways to Keep Your Artificial Jewellery Look New
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The demand for Artificial Jewellery in India is ten times more today than ever! With this comes the new responsibility of taking timely care of it to wear it in the next function. But, water, moisture, and improper or lack of maintenance of artificia..
20 May 9 Best Indian Jhumkas That Every Woman Must Have
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From the Royal emperor era long back to date, the Indian Jhumkas has stolen many hearts! Indian jhumkas depict Indian traditional culture & are generally worn with Indian dresses like Kurtis, sarees, or suits. With varied sizes, colours, and designs,..
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