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We at Mangalmani Jewellers provide you with the make to order option to have the imitation jewellery you desire without any hassles just the way you want it. Order the latest collection of Fashion Jewellery Online & Artificial Jewellery Online from the Leading Imitation Jewellery Manufacturer in India. This is the biggest advantage of the make to order facility that by getting inputs from you about the product specification we deliver much better. Our make to order is simply just breath-taking. From bangles, earrings, tikka, bridal, and semi bridal sets and many more stunning pieces of imitation jewellery to add that spark to your beauty.

Following are the Collection of Imitation Jewellery Online available for Make To Order Service from us:


Necklace set collection of jewellery is incomplete without a splendid piece of necklace. A necklace set can be perfect to be teamed with any designer outfit. Various styles of necklaces are available with us that will suitable for every occasion, starting from AD Kundan Necklace Set, Designer Mala, Paint Meena Necklace, Polki Necklace Set, and budget-friendly necklaces. Each design of the necklace we have is unique in its way. Designed and crafted by the best of designers and crafted using the best technology and raw materials. A necklace never fails to make a glamorous statement. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation necklace set manufacturers in India have a huge collection of artificial necklace sets.


Bangles have been one of the most attractive pieces of fashion jewellery online for women. You will hardly find any women that don't own even one set of stunning bangles. Bangles hold an integral significance when it comes to bridal imitation jewellery. A newlywed bride is never seen without her bridal bangles. Bangles signify good fortune and prosperity. Bangles can be made of different raw materials like glass, gold or silver. Each bangle is carefully designed and crafted to give you a chic and festive look. It is adorned with all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones that further add on to its beauty. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation bangles manufacturers in India have an exquisite collection of bangles that includes CZ Bangles, Paint Meena Bangles, Polki Bangles, and many such traditional temples and floral designed bangles that will capture your heart.


Earrings are all-time favorite jewellery for all women. It is a type of imitation jewellery that can be perfectly paired with any attire be it traditional or western. You can never go wrong with earrings. Almost every woman wears some kind of earrings daily. Great earrings alone can make even a plain outfit look amazing. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation earring manufacturers in India have all styles of earrings from Jhumki, Mint Meena earrings, Polki earrings, Wedding Earrings and Studs. Earrings are available in different shapes and sizes. Their vibrant colors and designed with great jewels makes them a must-have for your jewellery collection.


Tikka is a very attractive piece of head jewellery; it is traditionally called the Maang Tikka. It is placed onto the forehead that is attached to a chain and pinned into the hair. A tikka symbolizes the third eye or the power of the soul as per Hindu mythology since it is placed at the sixth chakra of the forehead. Tikka goes go well with traditional attires. It is something that's in trend. A tikka can be paired with a classic pair of earrings or jhumki and you are good to go. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation maang tikka manufacturers in India have the best collection of artificial maang tikka.


Jhumki is a stunning pair of earrings that are a must-have for your jewellery collection. They are the best to be paired up with traditional outfits. It gives you a chic yet elegant look at the same time. Jhumki's re usually conical in shape adorned with beautiful gemstones from top to bottom. It is the vibrant colors of these gemstones that make them so attractive. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation jhumki manufacturers in India have the best collection of artificial jhumki.


Semi bridal necklace set is a perfect buy for a modern-day bride. Our semi bridal necklace set designs are a great mixture of traditional as well as modern-day designs. It is extremely easy to carry out. It is adorned with precious and semi-precious that makes it even more gorgeous. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation semi bridal necklace set manufacturers in India have a huge collection of artificial semi bridal necklace sets.


Bridal Jewellery Set is a very important part of the bride's attire. Without which a bride's look is incomplete. Bridal Jewellery brings that glamourous yet traditional touch to your outfit and your beauty that will make you shine on your wedding day. The bridal necklace set will always remain that timeless piece of jewellery that every girl wishes to own. Each religious and social community has its own unique set of jewellery that the bride is expected to be adorned with at her wedding. We have the widest collection of bridal imitation jewellery sets. Our bridal necklace sets are blend of both traditional classic and modern-day trendy designs. Our artificial bridal sets are designed in such a way that it goes well any traditional attire you chose for your wedding giving majestic look you always have been dreaming of.  Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation bridal jewellery set manufacturers in India have an exquisite collection of bridal necklace set. 


Long Raani har is a beautiful piece of jewellery that is usually heavier and longer than a usual necklace. Raani har is a Hindi term which means 'necklace of the queen '. Raani Har brings in a royal essence to your attire. Being longer than a normal necklace it gets more space to give you a distinct look. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation long rani haar manufacturers in India have the best collection of artificial long raani haar.


Dulha Mala is a piece of jewellery that is worn by the groom; it is worn to get that classy touch to his sherwani on the wedding day. It is a chain worn around the neck adorned with all kinds of jewels. Dulha Mala was worn by some great Maharajas of traditional India which bought in the trend of wearing dulha mala for the groom as it gives a royal essence to their outfit. Mangalmani Jewellers the leading imitation dulha mala manufacturers in India have an exclusive collection of artificial dulha mala.