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Polki Earrings

Polki Earrings are made up of Gold/Mehandi/Rhodium which makes you the spotlight of the wedding or party. Polki earrings are in immense demand due to which they have very high value because of their natural form. Polki earrings are decorated with Reverse AD stones on them which make the earring more alluring and lovely. Polki Earrings adds a cheerful look by wearing these amazing brass-made Polki earring which has Ethnic work on it. The design of the earrings is unique and admirable.The design of Earrings is exclusively available on one of the best Imitation Polki Earrings Manufacturers in India. And has a wide variety of Earrings. You may wear it to traditional functions as well as weddings and engagements. They are appropriate for a variety of circumstances. It is the reason why individuals from all around the world buy them. 

SKU: PER-120
Must have in your accessory collection this pair of glamorous copper made polki earrings along with reverse ad, Club these Earrings with matching costume and get that distinct look like never before...
SKU: PER-119
Add extra class and elegance to your ethnic appearance by wearing this fashionable copper made polki earrings along with reverse ad, with your favorite costume, the design of these Earrings are unique and worth noticing...
SKU: PER-118
Add extra sparkle to your traditional appearance by adorning this pair of fascinating copper made polki earrings along with reverse ad, These classic Earrings are superior in quality and will be your fashion companion for many years...
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