Every next bride is seen wearing the Kundan Necklaces. Well, why not? Ain't they eye-pleasing and a perfect symbol of royalty. Kundan jewellery bridal not only enhances your entire aura but indeed makes you talk of the town. The sophisticated & rich look provided by the Kundan sets is unbeatable.

Finding the perfect finishing and intricate cuts or stone settings designed with the royalty of Gujarat and Rajasthan are summoned up in the beautiful Kundan Necklace sets. The elegance, beauty, and confidence you get after wearing such Pakistani artificial jewellery are worth all the money you spend to purchase it. Our firm is rated as the number one supplier of artificial jewellery in India

Unlock the secrets of timeless elegance with our latest blog – "How To Match Kundan Necklaces To Your Outfit." Dive into a world where tradition meets contemporary style as we reveal expert tips and creative insights on harmonizing these exquisite jewels with your attire. From vibrant ethnic ensembles to modern chic looks, join us on a journey that explores the art of perfecting your ensemble with Kundan necklaces. Discover how to make a lasting impression at any occasion, blending tradition and fashion effortlessly.

4 Tips on How To Match Kundan Necklaces To Your Outfit


Kundan Necklaces should complement the theme:

Whether it's your wedding day or any other momentous occasion, Kundan necklaces go well with all. The best part is the readymade Kundan designs that allow you to pick the Kundan sets based on a theme directly. You can choose to wear a traditional Kundan design like the Kundan piece Aishwarya Rai wore in Jodha Akbar or a contemporary design based on the primary day theme. For a Bollywood-centered theme, if Indo western dresses are a code, add some funk & modern touch to it. 

Kundan Necklaces should match with other jewellery sets:

As per the demand of your outfit, feel free to pair up the multiple motif designs of the Kundan jewellery together. Please make sure that the precious and semi-precious stones attached to the Kundan necklaces are well contrasted with the pairing jewellery pieces. Choose your rings, maang tikka, earrings, and necklaces accordingly. For example, you can pair up your Kundan necklaces having the danglers and pearls with rubies, emeralds, or pearl earrings. 

Kundan Necklaces should complement your dress:

Choosing to wear the colourless & bright Kundan necklaces is an intelligent choice as it fits nicely with every bridal costume. If you want your jewellery piece to match 100% with your outfit to make it look customized as a part of your wedding dress, then go for the coloured stone setting. Based on your outfit's colour, like red, blue, green, pink, etc., you can specifically order or choose from the pre-existing Kundan necklaces. Moreover, the blouse also plays an important role here. Long Kundan jewellery pieces look best, with blouses having short collars. 

Kundan Necklaces should not overwhelm your entire look:

Because of the intricate beauty of the Kundan necklaces, the attention of people might get off a bride. So, make sure tear these Kundan sets that are not overwhelming you or hiding your beauty. For example, wearing extremely heavy Kundan jewellery bridal with a heavy stone studded bridal lehenga might make you look dull and monotonous. Wear the light Kundan sets with a heavy lehenga or heavy Kundan sets with a lightweight lehenga with a contrasting color. It balances your entire look where the focus isn't dispersed. 

Kundan necklaces have been a status symbol in India. The shape of kundans has teardrop stones made from ruby, emerald, etc. A perfectionist is needed to work on the Kundan jewellery bridal as it requires detailed stonework, cuts, and final finishing. The regal look you get after wearing the Kundan artificial jewellery in India is not provided by every other jewellery set. Kundan necklaces are undoubtedly affordable as they use glass rather than uncut diamonds. Our firm is the top-notch supplier of artificial jewellery in India. Look like a treasure by wearing our uniquely designed Pakistani artificial jewellery. Contact us now to get more information!